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Construction Basic

The construction unit is the standard outdoor toilet unit used on all sites. One unit is generally used for 10 guys for a 40-hour work week depending on usage. Exceeding this limit will result in unsanitary conditions. All units come with complimentary hand sanitizer and weekly service.

The Water Works™ Fresh Water Delivery System


Our Water Works™ Fresh Water Delivery system provides 100 gallons of fresh water using a built-in, on-demand pump. It’s the perfect accessory wherever people work – office trailers, food service trailers, tool cribs, lunch rooms – for portable showers, sinks and fresh-water portable flush toilets. Designed to operate on regular household current, the circuits are protected by GFCI and a low-water electrical shut-off. If more fresh water capacity is needed, the Water Works™ Auxiliary Tank can be used to double the capacity. The addition of a 250 or 300-gallon holding tank provides complete sanitation service to any trailer or mobile office Dimensions (60" high by 23" wide) are designed to fit inside even the smallest closet

  • 16 x 46 x 93.5 with 250gal Capacity.
  • Interlocking/Stackable for easy shipping and in-lot handling
  • In-Mold fork lift skids - NO pallet required!
  • Can be heated - we carry approved heaters

The Lifting Sling

Designed to move most portable restrooms around a construction site, the Lifting Sling™ is an affordable option for service needs of high-rise construction projects. With an easy-to-install on plastic skid unit, the no-rust galvanized steel sling takes your existing service to new heights.

  • Easy-to-install on plastic skid units
  • Allows units to be multi-purpose
  • Affordable answer for high-rise projects
  • No-rust galvanized steel
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